This chapter begins with the reign of Amaziah, and some of the first
acts of it, slaying those that killed his father, \\#2Ch 25:1-4\\,
raising a large army in his own kingdom, to which he added 100,000 more
he hired out of Israel, whom yet he sent home by the advice of a
prophet, \\#2Ch 25:5-10\\, and with his own army marched against the
Edomites, and obtained a victory over them, \\#2Ch 25:11,12\\, but the
Israelites being displeased with him for dismissing them, fell on some
of his cities, and slew many in them, \\#2Ch 25:13\\, and such was his
stupidity, as to worship the gods of the Edomites he had conquered, for
which he was reproved by a prophet, \\#2Ch 25:14-16\\ and being elated
with his victory, he sent a challenge to the king of Israel, who
accepting of it, a battle ensued, in which Judah was worsted, their
king taken, and treasuries spoiled, \\#2Ch 25:17-24\\, and the chapter
is closed with the death and burial of Amaziah, \\#2Ch 25:25-28\\.

\\reign\\ Of these verses,
\\See Gill on "2Ki 14:2"\\.
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