3 John 1:3-8 CSB

3 For I was very glad when some brothers came and testified to your [faithfulness] to the truth-how you are walking in the truth.
4 I have no greater joy than this: to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

Gaius Commended

5 Dear friend,a you are showing your faithb by whatever you do for the brothers, and this [you are doing] for strangers;

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    • c 1:5 - Or Beloved
    • d 1:5 - Lit are doing faith
      6 they have testified to your love before the church. You will do well to send them on their journey in a manner worthy of God,
      7 since they set out for the sake of the name, accepting nothing from pagans.
      8 Therefore, we ought to support such men, so that we can be co-workers withc the truth.

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        • e 1:8 - Or co-workers for