Deuteronomy 32:16-26 CSB

16 They provoked His jealousy with foreign gods; they enraged Him with detestable practices.a

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      17 They sacrificed to demons, not God, to gods they had not known, new gods that had just arrived, which your fathers did not fear.b

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        • o 32:17 - 1 Co 10:19-20
          18 You ignored the Rock who gave you birth; you forgot the God who brought you forth.
          19 When the Lord saw [this], He despised [them], provoked [to anger] by His sons and daughters.
          20 He said: "I will hide My face from them; I will see what will become of them, for they are a perverse generation- unfaithful children.
          21 They have provoked My jealousy with [their] so-called gods;c they have enraged Me with their worthless idols. So I will provoke their jealousy with an inferior people;d I will enrage them with a foolish nation.e

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            • p 32:21 - Lit with no gods
            • q 32:21 - Lit with no people
            • r 32:21 - Rm 10:19; 11:14
              22 For fire has been kindled because of My anger and burns to the depths of Sheol; it devours the land and its produce, and scorches the foundations of the mountains.
              23 I will pile disasters on them; I will use up My arrows against them.
              24 They will be weak from hunger, ravaged by pestilence and bitter plague; I will unleash on them wild beasts with fangs, as well as venomous snakes that slither in the dust.
              25 Outside, the sword will take their children, and inside, there will be terror; the young man and the virgin [will be killed], the infant and the gray-haired man.f

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                • s 32:25 - Isa 5:8-30; Jr 9:17-21
                  26 I would have said: I will cut them to piecesg and blot out the memory of them from mankind,

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                    • t 32:26 - LXX reads will scatter them