Jeremiah 33:1-7 CSB

Israel's Restoration

1 While he was still confined in the guard's courtyard, the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah a second time:

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      2 "The Lord who made the earth,a the Lord who forms it to establish it, the Lord is His name, says this:

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        • a 33:2 - LXX; MT reads made it
          3 Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and wondrous things you do not know.
          4 For this is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says concerning the houses of this city and the palaces of Judah's kings, the ones torn down [for defense] against the siege ramps and the sword:
          5 The people coming to fight the Chaldeans will fill the houses with the corpses of [their own] men I strike down in My wrath and rage. I have hidden My faceb from this city because of all their evil.

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            • b 33:5 - Dt 31:17; 32:20; Isa 54:8
              6 Yet I will certainly bring healthc and healing to it and will indeed heal them. I will let them experience the abundanced of peace and truth.e

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                • c 33:6 - Jr 8:22; 30:17; Isa 58:8
                • d 33:6 - Or fragrance; Hb obscure
                • e 33:6 - 2 Kg 20:19; Est 9:30; Isa 39:8
                  7 I will restore the fortunesf of Judah and of Israel and will rebuild them as in former times.

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                    • f 33:7 - Or will end the captivity