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Proverbs 13:6-16 (Holman Christian Standard)

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6 Righteousness guards people of integrity,a but wickedness undermines the sinner.b 7 One man pretends to be rich but has nothing; another pretends to be poor but has great wealth.c 8 Riches are a ransom for a man's life,d but a poor man hears no threat. 9 The light of the righteous shines brightly,e but the lamp of the wicked is extinguished.f 10 Arrogance leads to nothing but strife,g but wisdom is gained by those who take advice. 11 Wealth obtained by fraud will dwindle,h but whoever earns it through labori will multiply it.j 12 Delayed hope makes the heart sick, but fulfilled desire is a tree of life.k 13 The one who has contempt for instruction will pay the penalty, but the one who respects a command will be rewarded.l 14 A wise man's instruction is a fountain of life, turning people away from the snares of death.m 15 Good sense wins favor, but the way of the treacherous never changes.n 16 Every sensible person acts knowledgeably, but a fool displays his stupidity.
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