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1 Corinthians 15:50 DBY

50 But this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit God's kingdom, nor does corruption inherit incorruptibility.

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  • a 15:2 - Lit. 'evangelized.'
  • b 15:8 - Or 'one born out of due time.' As LXX, Job. 3.16; Eccles. 6.3.
  • c 15:16 - 'Are not raised,' vers. 15,16, applies to the abstract fact whenever it may be; the doctrinal fact as to dead people; 'he (Christ) is raised,' vers. 12,13,16,20, is an accomplished but continuing fact. The English tenses do not always secure this distinction. I have not put 'do not rise,' because then the thought of being raised by God is lost.
  • d 15:23 - * A military term.
  • e 15:24 - It is almost impossible to render the Greek idiom, which unites with one article either two qualities of the same person, or two persons under the same quality. But I prefer this awkward English to 'God, even the Father,' because this phrase is uncertain in doctrine, and might be used as meaning that the Father only is God, which is not the sense.
  • f 15:25 - Lit. 'all the enemies:' all those recognized or objectively manifested as such.
  • g 15:27 - See Ps. 8.6.
  • h 15:29 - Or 'in place of,' 'in view of.' Lit. 'over.'
  • i 15:32 - The expression 'fought with beasts' is used figuratively as well as literally.
  • j 15:32 - See Isa. 22.13.
  • k 15:34 - Lit. 'have ignorance.' On the whole, 'ignorant of God' gives the sense. 'Have not the knowledge' is weak. 'No knowledge' does not meet the case. It refers to the true character of God.
  • l 15:39 - Or 'that of men is one, the flesh of beasts another, the flesh of birds another, of fishes another.'
  • m 15:45 - See Gen. 2.7.
  • n 15:45 - Making alive.
  • o 15:46 - i.e. having natural life through the living soul.
  • p 15:54 - See Isa. 25.8.
  • q 15:55 - See Hos. 13.14.