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1 Peter 5:11 DBY

11 to him [be] the glory and the might for the ages of the ages. Amen.

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  • a 5:1 - Koinonos: see Heb. 2.14.
  • b 5:3 - Lit. 'the possessions.' What they are is wholly beside the mark. No doubt the saints were in his thoughts; but the character of the elders' conduct is what is in question. If there were no article, it would mean 'not like persons who lord it over possessions:' but here it is more definite. Do not be as persons lording it over your possessions, viewing the saints as something belonging to you. 'Possessions' is not the name of the flock, but the flock was not to be treated as the 'possessions' of the elders.
  • c 5:4 - Or 'amaranthine,' the amaranth plant being an image of that which does not fade or wither. The sense is the same.
  • d 5:5 - See Prov. 3.34.
  • e 5:9 - Or 'be humbled,' aorist; also 'vigilant,' 'watch,' and 'resist' refer to characters to be won: see Note g, ver. 2.
  • f 5:9 - Or 'the faith.' It might be 'through faith.'
  • g 5:12 - Or read 'to you' after 'faithful brother' and not after 'written.'
  • h 5:12 - Many read 'in which stand' (imperative).