1 For the rest, then, brethren, we beg you and exhort you in [the] Lord Jesus, even as ye have received from us how ye ought to walk and please God, even as ye also do walk, that ye would abound still more.

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    • a 4:1 - I do not say 'to please,' because then pleasing God would be a distinct object. Here it is rather 'to walk so as to please.' The point is, the 'how,' that is, the manner of doing it, not that it ought to be an object, however true that may be.
      2 For ye know what charges we gave you through the Lord Jesus.
      3 For this is [the] will of God, [even] your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication;

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        • b 4:3 - The article is not before 'will' in Greek, and the force is much increased thereby. It is not merely the fact that God wills so, but it is a matter of God's will. God is looked at as a person in authority (not merely a divine Being), but the will is looked at characteristically, not merely as a fact that he so wills. This is of such a character that God himself wills it.
          4 that each of you know how to possess his own vessel in sanctification and honour,

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            • c 4:4 - The Greek is not, I think, 'acquire,' but 'come into possession of,' the difference being great in moral things. What I possess myself of, I possess when the action is complete and permanent. Thus Luke 18.12; 21.19. You cannot say 'acquire your souls by patience.' 'Keep,' 'preserve,' is a kindred sense of the word.
              5 (not in passionate desire, even as the nations who know not God,)
              6 not overstepping the rights of and wronging his brother in the matter, because the Lord [is] the avenger of all these things, even as we also told you before, and have fully testified.

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                • d 4:6 - A mild expression for intercourse with a female, as his wife or another's.
                  7 For God has not called us to uncleanness, but in sanctification.

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                    • e 4:7 - Hagiasmos. See Note i at Rom. 1.4.
                    • f 4:7 - Epi, the characterizing condition: see Rom. 10.19.
                      8 He therefore that [in this] disregards [his brother], disregards, not man, but God, who has given also his Holy Spirit to you.
                      9 Now concerning brotherly love ye have no need that we should write to you, for ye yourselves are taught of God to love one another.
                      10 For also ye do this towards all the brethren in the whole of Macedonia; but we exhort you, brethren, to abound still more,
                      11 and to seek earnestly to be quiet and mind your own affairs, and work with your [own] hands, even as we charged you,
                      12 that ye may walk reputably towards those without, and may have need of no one.

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                        • g 4:12 - Or 'of nothing.'
                          13 But we do not wish you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them that are fallen asleep, to the end that ye be not grieved even as also the rest who have no hope.
                          14 For if we believe that Jesus has died and has risen again, so also God will bring with him those who have fallen asleep through Jesus.
                          15 (For this we say to you in [the] word of [the] Lord, that *we*, the living, who remain to the coming of the Lord, are in no way to anticipate those who have fallen asleep;
                          16 for the Lord himself, with an assembling shout, with archangel's voice and with trump of God, shall descend from heaven; and the dead in Christ shall rise first;
                          17 then *we*, the living who remain, shall be caught up together with them in [the] clouds, to meet the Lord in [the] air; and thus we shall be always with [the] Lord.
                          18 So encourage one another with these words.)