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2 Corinthians 12:18 DBY

18 I begged Titus, and sent the brother with [him]: did Titus at all make gain of you? have we not walked in the same spirit? [have we] not in the same steps?

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  • a 12:2 - Conscious knowledge; and so all through.
  • b 12:2 - Heos, 'as far as:' see Luke 24.50; Acts 11.22.
  • c 12:4 - Rhema, 'the saying' and thence 'the things said.' It was not merely like heathen mysteries, dreadful forms of speech, but the communications were of things not suited to this lower world and our mortal condition.
  • d 12:7 - As Matt. 26.67
  • e 12:9 - Or 'power of Christ may tabernacle -- have its dwelling-place -- on me.'
  • f 12:16 - The apostle is not saying that he did this, but is answering a charge that he had kept up appearances by taking nothing himself, but knew how to indemnify himself by using Titus in order to receive from them. The charge was false, as he proceeds to show.
  • g 12:19 - Or 'Ye have of old supposed.'
  • h 12:21 - Heos, 'as far as:' see Luke 24.50; Acts 11.22.
  • i 12:21 - Or 'amongst you.'