8 For if also I grieved you in the letter, I do not regret [it], if even I have regretted it; for I see that that letter, if even [it were] only for a time, grieved you.
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    • c 7:8 - 'If also' and 'if even' (twice) in this verse represent the same Greek expression. The first is translated 'if also,' which, while literal, is more delicate, as expression of feeling, than 'though.' 'If even' would here express an extreme case or doubt; 'also' is admitting an additional fact. Hence I put 'if even' for the other cases in the sentence. In the second case he suggests in the way of admission, as the extreme to which he went, i.e. regret: he was right and inspired, but felt the distress individually, and would not leave them ignorant of how far his love went; so in the third case it is the same limitation of their grief. 'Ye were sorry, if even it were only for a time.'