20 And after these things he gave [them] judges till Samuel the prophet, [to the end of] about four hundred and fifty years.

References for Acts 13:20

    • f 13:20 - Where the computation begins is not stated. The judges were given after the land's being given by lot, and that order of things reached up to Samuel, to four hundred and fifty years, whenever that four hundred and fifty years began. It might be at the Exodus, and very probably so. But it is not that there were judges during all that time. Indeed, they were only raised up occasionally. I have no difficulty myself as to the chronology, notwithstanding the dicta of some. The main blunder of their computations lies in this: they have taken Eli and Samson as distinct periods from the Philistine oppression, whereas it is perfectly clear the Philistine oppression included both. We have to go on to Mizpeh for the close.