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Ephesians 4:31 DBY

31 Let all bitterness, and heat of passion, and wrath, and clamour, and injurious language, be removed from you, with all malice;

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  • a 4:1 - Or 'according to which.'
  • b 4:3 - It is not only 'bond,' but the 'bond-together.' It is not the power of union -- that is the Holy Spirit; but the practically uniting in fact, as amongst men on earth.
  • c 4:4 - It may be translated '[the] body is one,' and so on. If we could leave out 'there is' or 'is', the force would be so much the greater.
  • d 4:8 - See Ps. 68.18.
  • e 4:12 - Or 'of the Christ.'
  • f 4:13 - 'Full knowledge,' as ch. 1.17; Col. 1.9.
  • g 4:14 - The form of the Greek phrase makes it somewhat difficult to translate. I do not think that the phrase 'in the sleight of,' &c., is in connection with 'tossed and carried about,' but, in sense, with 'that teaching.' The cheating, as of dice-players, and still more methodic craft, characterized the teaching. 'In the sleight of men' marks the power and character of the teaching. What I have given is literal, and is sufficiently clear: 'that' is emphatic.
  • h 4:16 - The word 'supply' in Greek has the emphatic article and it might read 'that supply, [which is] according to.' The article denotes a known supply from Christ. sufficiently known to be referred to, to which also the 'from whom' lends force.
  • i 4:17 - Lit. 'as also,' or 'even as.'
  • j 4:21 - There is an emphatic article before 'Jesus:' 'Jesus' is personally brought into relief.
  • k 4:22 - i.e. manner of life.
  • l 4:22 - Or 'goes on in corruption.' The Greek word is used for 'destroy' in 1Cor. 3.17. The two thoughts combine here.
  • m 4:24 - Lit. 'righteousness and holiness of the truth:' see ver. 21.
  • n 4:25 - Everything that has the character and nature of falsehood. It is abstract, what has this quality, not merely the act of lying.
  • o 4:27 - Or 'give way to.'
  • p 4:29 - Or 'filthy;' a figure drawn from what is evil and bad, as fruit: see Matt. 7.17-18 'worthless.'
  • q 4:30 - Eis: see ch. 1.14.
  • r 4:32 - As 'good,' Luke 6.35; 1Pet. 2.3.
  • s 4:32 - Or 'showing grace to,' 'shown grace to,' as Luke 7.42.