Ezra 4:11 DBY

11 This is the copy of the letter that they sent to him: To Artaxerxes the king: Thy servants the men on this side the river, and so forth.

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  • a 4:6 - Probably Cambyses, son of Cyrus.
  • b 4:7 - Smerdis.
  • c 4:7 - From here to ch. 6.18 the original is written in Aramaic.
  • d 4:10 - Strictly, 'beyond the river,' a technical name for the provinces on the west of the Euphrates. In English the expression has to be varied, in accordance with the position of the persons in question.
  • e 4:10 - Lit. 'city.'
  • f 4:13 - Others, 'and thou wilt endamage the kings' revenue.'
  • g 4:24 - Aramaic, Elah (Heb. Eloah: see Gen. 1.1). The parts of the book written in Aramaic are chs. 4.8 to 6.18, and ch. 7.12 to 26; they have always Elah. El does not occur in Ezra.
  • h 4:24 - Darius Hystaspes, as ch. 4.5.