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Genesis 1:29 DBY

29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb producing seed that is on the whole earth, and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree producing seed: it shall be food for you;

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  • a 1:1 - Heb. Elohim, the plural of Eloah, 'the Supreme'. It is Deity in the absolute sense. Elohim will, in the text, appear only in the name of Jehovah Elohim; moreover, when Elohim following immediately on Jehovah has a grammatical adjunct, its place will be taken by the English word 'God': see Gen. 9.26 and 24.7. Other Hebrew divine names translated as 'God' will be indicated as follows: Eloah +God; El, (meaning 'The Mighty,' see Gen. 14.18), God. For the meaning of Jehovah, (Heb. Yahveh, or Yehveh), the ever-existing One, see Ex. 3.14,15; Isa. 40.28. For Jah, the existing One objectively, see Ex. 15.2; Ps. 68.4. The name seems to express absolute rather than continuous existence. For Adonai (a name of God, not merely a title), translated 'Lord', see Ezek. 2.4.
  • b 1:2 - See Isa. 34.11; 45.18.
  • c 1:5 - Or 'one day.'
  • d 1:16 - Lit. 'light-bearers.'
  • e 1:17 - Lit. 'gave.'
  • f 1:20 - Lit. 'on the face of.'
  • g 1:21 - The word applies to rivers as well as to the sea, and is also used for crocodiles, serpents: see Ex. 7.9.
  • h 1:26 - Or 'men,' 'mankind:' adam, earthy.
  • i 1:27 - The Adam, Man, as a race. It will be spelled with a capital, to avoid repetition of the note.
  • j 1:28 - Or 'creepeth;' and so elsewhere. Ch. 8.17,19.