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Luke 10:1 DBY

1 Now after these things the Lord appointed seventy others also, and sent them two and two before his face into every city and place where he himself was about to come.

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  • a 10:7 - Or 'as may be [offered you] by them.'
  • b 10:15 - Hades: see Note, Matt. 11.23.
  • c 10:19 - Exousia: see Matt. 10.1. The second 'power' in this verse is 'dunamis'.
  • d 10:27 - Deut. 6.5.
  • e 10:27 - Lev. 19.18.
  • f 10:29 - Aorist tense; difficult to express in English. It gives the sense that he wanted to make out that he was in that state, not that he was obtaining it: see ch. 9.60,61, where 'suffer,' 'allow,' and 'bid adieu' are all aorists.
  • g 10:39 - Many read 'the Lord.'