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Mark 10:18 DBY

18 But Jesus said to him, Why callest thou me good? no one is good but one, [that is] God.

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  • a 10:8 - Lit. 'to' (eis) or 'for one flesh.' It corresponds to the Hebrew in Gen. 2.24: see Matt. 19.5.
  • b 10:16 - Some read 'blesses,' perhaps rightly, but the word is a strong one: 'blesses them abundantly.'
  • c 10:29 - Or 'glad tidings,' as elsewhere.
  • d 10:37 - Or 'that in thy glory we may sit: one on thy right hand, and one on thy left hand.' Or 'that we may sit in thy glory,' &c.
  • e 10:40 - Or perhaps 'to:' so Matt. 20.23. But the emphasis is on the words 'not mine to give;' wonderful perfectness and lowliness of the Lord! 'It is not mine to give,' is a complete phrase followed by the separate statement, 'but it is reserved for those for whom it is prepared:' it is for them, appropriated to them.
  • f 10:45 - Diakoneo: as Matt. 4.11.
  • g 10:47 - Lit. 'is.'
  • h 10:51 - See John 20.16.