23 And *thou*, Capernaum, who hast been raised up to heaven, shalt be brought down even to hades. For if the works of power which have taken place in thee, had taken place in Sodom, it had remained until this day.

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    • h 11:23 - 'Hades' like 'Sheol' in the Old Testament, see Note at Ps. 6.5, is a very vague expression used in general to designate the temporary state of departed spirits, the unseen or invisible world of spirits, upon which, till the coming of Christ, darkness and obscurity rested, as may be seen in the Old Testament. It is applied to Christ, who went into paradise, and to the rich man in Luke 16, who found himself in torment. It is distinct from 'Gehenna,' the place of final and eternal torment, prepared for the devil and his angels.