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Matthew 12:45 DBY

45 Then he goes and takes with himself seven other spirits worse than himself, and entering in, they dwell there; and the last condition of that man becomes worse than the first. Thus shall it be to this wicked generation also.

Study tools for Matthew 12:45

  • a 12:7 - See ch. 9.13.
  • b 12:9 - The Greek always implies a change of place -- leaving one and going to another, as chs. 15.29; 17.20, 'transported.'
  • c 12:17 - Isa. 42.1-4.
  • d 12:20 - The word is the same here as 'brings forth,' ver. 35, and 'brings out,' ch. 13.52. It signifies 'putting forth' as much as 'bringing forth.' It means that judgment was hid, and 'shut up among his treasures' (see Deut. 32.34), and in due time it will be produced, without saying he brings it with him, or sends it without coming. It is brought out and displayed in its time.
  • e 12:20 - Eis: it directs the mind to the point to be reached.
  • f 12:24 - En, lit. 'in the power of:' see Note c, ch. 3.11.
  • g 12:25 - Ginosko, ver. 15, objective knowledge. In ver. 25 it is Oida, conscious knowledge. See Note, 1Cor. 8.1.
  • h 12:35 - See Note, ver. 20.
  • i 12:36 - See Note d, 1Pet. 3.15.
  • j 12:41 - Lit. 'heralding,' as Rom. 16.25.