2 and said to his servants, This is John the baptist: *he* is risen from the dead, and because of this these works of power display their force in him.
References for Matthew 14:2
    • a 14:2 - Lit. 'the:' see ch. 15.12.
    • b 14:2 - As nearly as possible 'operate in him.' The passage has a certain reflexive force as in French, s'operent par lui. I have sought to preserve this by adding 'their force:' the difficulty partly arises from the word which is used for the effects of power, being the plural of power itself, because the power which wrought is more seen than the effects. 'Powers' and 'miracles' are the same in Greek. Hence it may be translated, 'these powers operate in him;' but its reflexive force is, I doubt not, the true one. For the sense, however, I should not object to 'display themselves in him.'