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Matthew 6:6 DBY

6 But *thou*, when thou prayest, enter into thy chamber, and having shut thy door, pray to thy Father who is in secret, and thy Father who sees in secret will render [it] to thee.

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  • a 6:1 - Many read, probably rightly, 'your righteousness.'
  • b 6:8 - Aiteo: see ch. 7.7.
  • c 6:11 - Or 'our bread till to-morrow,' i.e. 'daily' in the sense of 'till to-morrow.' What was directly and immediately for them or their need, and not to surround them with abundance.
  • d 6:13 - Or 'the evil one.'
  • e 6:16 - 'Have' has here the force of having all they have to expect -- they have the whole of it already. It is expressed in English by laying the stress on 'have.' Perhaps one might say 'have got.'
  • f 6:24 - Douleuo, serve as a slave.
  • g 6:27 - The proper sense is 'age.' It refers to relative age in man, and hence is used for 'growth,' or 'stature,' as Luke 19.3.