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Philippians 1:10 DBY

10 that ye may judge of and approve the things that are more excellent, in order that ye may be pure and without offence for Christ's day,

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  • a 1:1 - Or 'deacons' (diakonos), see Note. Rom. 16.1.
  • b 1:5 - 'fellowship,' as 1Cor. 1.9.
  • c 1:5 - Or 'glad tidings,' as elsewhere.
  • d 1:7 - Or 'I feel it righteous,' 'it is right:' see Eph. 6.1.
  • e 1:7 - Or 'fellow-partakers (sun-koinonos, as Rev. 1.9) with me of grace.'
  • f 1:9 - It is a question how far the abounding applies to the love itself; or, supposing the love, that it should grow in these qualities. It is, I think, determined to be the latter by Eph. 1.8. It means 'grow in these,' yet love that would grow in them.
  • g 1:13 - I apprehend 'manifested to be because of Christ,' not to be those of a malefactor.
  • h 1:13 - Or 'in all other [places].' The praetorium was the Imperial guard or its headquarters.
  • i 1:20 - Or 'constant:' see Rom. 8.19: but 'earnest' gives this idea here: 'the constant looking out that it should be so.
  • j 1:22 - Or 'the fruit of labour.'
  • k 1:25 - Lit. 'of.' 'Progress and joy' go together, not 'progress, -- and joy in faith.'
  • l 1:26 - Or 'as to me.'
  • m 1:27 - That is, the faith of the gospel being in conflict, they identified themselves with it, and entered into the struggle, 'striving in favour of it.'
  • n 1:29 - Or 'in behalf of Christ,' the sentence being broken in upon and resumed.