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Philippians 4:15 DBY

15 And know also *ye*, O Philippians, that in [the] beginning of the gospel, when I came out of Macedonia, no assembly communicated [anything] to me in [the] way of giving and receiving save *ye* alone;

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    • h 4:15 - Or 'had come.'

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      • a 4:3 - Or 'those [women];' 'them' is feminine.
      • b 4:3 - i e. who are such as, haitines.
      • c 4:5 - Or, 'moderation,' 'mildness,' not insisting on one's rights. As 'gentle,' Jas. 3.17.
      • d 4:6 - 'Before,' pros: see 'at,' Matt. 21.1. They were to address their requests to him.
      • e 4:8 - Or 'venerable,' as 'grave,' 1Tim. 3.8.
      • f 4:8 - Or 'lovable.'
      • g 4:10 - I have translated this phrase 'though surely,' as giving the sense. It qualifies the apparent reproach of the apostle that they had revived their thinking of him: 'I say that ye have begun again, but I do not mean ye did not think of me, only ye had no good occasion to show it.'
      • h 4:15 - Or 'had come.'
      • i 4:16 - As 'wants,' Acts 20.34.
      • j 4:20 - Lit. 'the glory' (with an emphatic article), the due divine glory; but 'the glory' in English rather means the glory of that of which he had been speaking.