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Psalm 27:7 DBY

7 Hear, Jehovah; with my voice do I call; be gracious unto me, and answer me.

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  • a 27:1 - 'Fear' and 'be afraid' are nearly the same, but it seems that the latter is more 'terror,' even used of Jehovah: see 1Sam. 11.7; Ps. 36.1; 'fear' more in a godly sense, as Prov. 1.7, yet ver. 3 here does mean simple 'fear.'
  • b 27:2 - See Notes, Ps. 8.2.
  • c 27:4 - Or 'graciousness,' and so in Ps. 90.17.
  • d 27:10 - Or 'For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but Jehovah hath gathered me.'
  • e 27:11 - Or 'those that lie in wait for me.'
  • f 27:14 - Or 'he will strengthen thy heart.'