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Revelation 14:4 DBY

4 These are they who have not been defiled with women, for they are virgins: these are they who follow the Lamb wheresoever it goes. These have been bought from men [as] first-fruits to God and to the Lamb:

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  • a 14:6 - Lit. 'sitting down,' as Matt. 4.16, not 'dwelling,' as ch. 3.10.
  • b 14:11 - See Note h, ch. 3.9.
  • c 14:14 - As ch. 1.13.
  • d 14:15 - As Matt. 13.6; Jas. 1.11, 'wither.' It is more than 'become ripe.' A different word is used at the end of ver. 18, meaning 'in full harvest.'