16 And [shall] not as by one that has sinned [be] the gift? For the judgment [was] of one to condemnation, but the act of favour, of many offences unto justification.
References for Romans 5:16
    • i 5:16 - Or 'And not as by one that sinned [is] the gift.' I would add that I have translated the Greek words, dorema as 'gift,' charisma as 'act of favour,' and dorea as 'free gift.' This will distinguish them.
    • j 5:16 - That is, had its foundation in, was grounded on, one single thing or act.
    • k 5:16 - Dikaioma; or 'judicial righteousness.' Here the Greek is more exact than English perhaps allows. It is the state of accomplished subsisting righteousness before God, in which justification places us. The word dikaiosis, 'justification,' in ver. 18 and ch. 4.25 is the act of justifying. In English we must use justification for both. I cannot say 'righteousness;' that might be practical. In ch. 4.25 the doing of it was in view, 'for our justifying;' not, as some read, 'because we are justified,' which could only be said in connection with faith, whereas 'for our justifying' is the effect future to the rising again.