3 For we were once ourselves also without intelligence, disobedient, wandering in error, serving various lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, [and] hating one another.
4 But when the kindness and love to man of our Saviour God appeared,
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    • a 3:4 - Lit. 'philanthropy.'
      5 not on the principle of works which [have been done] in righteousness which *we* had done, but according to his own mercy he saved us through [the] washing of regeneration and renewal of [the] Holy Spirit,
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        • b 3:5 - 'Washing' is right here. It is a bath, or the water for it. 'Regeneration' is not the same word as 'being born again,' nor is it used so in scripture. The force of the word is a change of position; a new state of things. The word is only used here, and in Matt. 19.28 for the Saviour's coming kingdom.
          6 which he poured out on us richly through Jesus Christ our Saviour;
          7 that, having been justified by *his* grace, we should become heirs according to [the] hope of eternal life.
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            • c 3:7 - This refers to our Saviour God, ver. 4.
              8 The word [is] faithful, and I desire that thou insist strenuously on these things, that they who have believed God may take care to pay diligent attention to good works. These things are good and profitable to men.