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  • A town on the north bank of the Arnon ( Deuteronomy 4:48 ; Judges 11:26 ; 2 Kings 10:33 ), the southern boundary of the kingdom of Sihon ( Joshua 12:2 ). It is now called Arair, 13 miles west of the Dead Sea.

  • One of the towns built by the tribe of Gad ( Numbers 32:34 ) "before Rabbah" ( Joshua 13:25 ), the Ammonite capital. It was famous in the history of Jephthah ( Judges 11:33 ) and of David ( 2 Samuel 24:5 ). (Compare Isaiah 17:2 ; 2 Kings 15:29 .)

  • A city in the south of Judah, 12 miles south-east of Beersheba, to which David sent presents after recovering the spoil from the Amalekites at Ziklag ( 1 Samuel 30:26 1 Samuel 30:28 ). It was the native city of two of David's warriors ( 1 Chronicles 11:44 ). It is now called Ar'arah.

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