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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Fable Face Fact Fade Fail Fain Faint Fair Fair Havens Fairs Faith Faithful Faithful; Faithfulness Faithfulness Faithful Sayings Faithless Falcon Fall Falling Stars Fall of man Fallow Fallow-deer Fallow deer Fallow-ground Fall, The False, Christs False, Falsehood Falsehood False Prophet False Prophets False Swearing; False Witness Fame Familiar Familiars Familiar spirit Family Family Life and Relations Family Relationships Famine Famish Famished Fan Fancy Fan, Fanner Fare Farewell Far; Farther Far House Farm Farthing Fashion Fast Fast, Fasting Fast; Fasting Fasts Fasts And Feasts Fat Father Father, God The Fatherhood of God Father-In-Law Fatherless Fathers' Brother Father's House, Fathers' House Fathom Fatling Fatling; Fatted Fatness Fat (Vat) Fauchion Fault Favor Fawn Fear Feast Feasts Feasts And Fasts Feasts and Festivals of Israel Feasts, Seasons For Feathers Feeble Knees Feeble-Minded Feeling Feet, Washing Of Feign Feigned Felix Felix; Antonius Feller Felloes Fellow Fellowship Fellowship Offering Female Fen Fence Fenced Fenced cities Fenced Cities Ferret Ferry boat Ferry-Boat Fervent Festival Festivals Festivals, Religious Festus Festus, Porcius Festus; Porcius Fetch Fetched a compass Fetter Fetters Fever Field Fiery Heat Fiery Serpent Fig Fig, Fig tree Fig, Fig-Tree Fight Figure File Fillet Fillets Filth; Filthiness; Filthy Fin Fine Finer Finer; Fining Fines Finger Fining Fining pot Finish Finisher Fir Fire Fire Baptism Firebrand Fire, Lake Of Firepan Fires Fire, Strange Fire, Unquenchable Fir; Fir-Tree Firkin Firmament First First-Begotten Firstborn First-born Firstborn; Firstling First-born, Redemption of Firstfruits First-fruits First-Fruits Firstfruits, Feast of Firstling Fish Fisher Fisher; Fisherman Fisher' Coat Fish Gate Fishhook Fish-hooks Fishing Fishing, the art of Fishpools Fish-pools Fitches Fit, Fitly Five Flag Flagon Flags Flake Flame Flame of fire Flat Nose Flax Flay Flaying Flea Flee Fleece Flesh Flesh And Blood Flesh-hook Flesh-Hook Flesh-Pot Flies Flint Float (Flote) Flock Flood Floor Flote (Float) Flour Flourish Flowers Flue; Net Flute Flux Flux, Bloody Fly Fly, Flies Fly; Flies Foal Foam Fodder Fold Folden Fold; Folding Folk Follow Follower Follow, Follower Folly Food Foolery Fool; Folly Fool, Foolishness, Folly Foot Footman Footstool For Foray Forbear Forbearance Forbearing Forbid Forborne Forces Ford Forecast Forefather Forefront Forego Forehead Foreign Divinities Foreigner Foreknow; Foreknowledge Foreknowledge Foreknowledge of God Foreordain; Forordination Foreordination Forepart Forerunner Foresail Foresaw Foreship Foreskin Forest Forest Of Ephraim Foretell; Foretold Forfeit Forge; Forger Forget; Forgetful Forgiveness Forgiveness of sin Forgo Fork Form Former Fornication Forsaken Forsook Forswear Forth Forthwith Fortification; Fort; Fortified Cities; Fortress Fortifications Fortunatus Fortune Forty Forum Forward; Forwardness Forward, to be Foul Foundation Founder Fountain Fountain Gate Fountain of the Virgin Four Fourfold Four Hundred Fourscore Foursquare Fourteen Four Thousand Fourth Part Fowl Fowler Fowl, Fatted Fowls Fox Fragment Frame Frankincense Frankly Fray Freckled Spot Freedman; Freeman Freedom Free; Freedom Freely Free Will Free-will offering Freewill Offering Freewoman Frequent Fresh Fret Fret, Fretting Fried Friend, Friendship Friend; Friendship Friends; Chief Friends Fringes Frock Frog Frontier Frontlets Frost Froward Frowardness Fruit Fruit of the Spirit Frustrate Frying-pan Frying-Pan Fuel Fugitive Fulfil Fulfillment Fuller Fullers field Fullers field, The Fuller's Field, The Fuller' Fountain Fullers soap Fullness Fullness of Time Fulness Funeral Funerals Furbish Furlong Furnace Furnace of Fire Furnaces, Tower Of The Furnish Furniture Furrow Further; Furtherance Fury Future Fall, the Fear of the Lord the First-born, Sanctification of the Flood, the The Fox or Jackal