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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Iacimus Iacubus Iadinus Ibhar Ibis Ibleam Ible-am Ibneiah Ibnijah Ibri Ibsam Ibzan Ice Ichabod Iconium Idalah Idbash Iddo Idle; Idleness Idol Idolatry Idol, Idolatry Iduel Idumaea Idumaea; Idumaeans Idumea Ieddias Iezer; Iezerites Igal Igdaliah Igeal Ige-al Ignominy Ignorance Ignorant, Ignorance I, I Am, I Am That I Am Iim Ije-abarim Ije-Abarim Ijon Ikkesh Ilai Ila-i Iliadun Ill; Ill-Favored Illness Illumination Illustrious, The Illyricum Image Image of God Image Of God Imagery Images Imagination Imagine Imalcue Imla Imlah Imla; Imlah Immaculate Conception, The Immanuel Immer Immorality, Sexual Immortal Immortal; Immortality Immortality Immutability; Immutable Immutable Imna Imnah Imnites Impart Impediment Impenitent Imperious Implacable Implead Importable Importunity Imposition Of Hands Impossible Impotent Imprisonment Impudent Impurity Imputation Impute Imrah Imri In In any wise Incantation Incarnation Incense Incest In Christ Incontinency Incontinent Incorruption Increase India Indignation Indignities Indite Inditing Infamy Infancy, Gospel Of The Infant, Baptism Infanticide Infidel Infinite; Infinitude Infirmity Inflame; Enflame Inflammation Influences Ingathering, Feasts Of Inhabit; Inhabitant Inheritance Iniquity Injoin Injurious Injury Ink Inkhorn Ink-Horn Ink, Inkhorn Inn Inner Man Innocence; Innocency; Innocent Innocents, Massacre Of The In no wise Inordinate Inquire Inquisition Inscription Insects Inspiration Inspiration, 1-7 Inspiration, 8-18 Inspiration of Scripture Instant Instant, Instantly Instant; Instantly Instantly Instruction Instrument Instruments Of Music Insurrection Integrity Intelligence Intend; Intent Intercession Intercession of Christ Intercession Of Christ Intercession of the Spirit Interest Intermeddle Intermediate State Intermediate, State Interpretation Interpretation Of Tongues Interrogation Inter-Testamental, History And Literature In The Lord Intreat; Intreaty; (Entreat) Inward Man Inward Part Iob Iphdeiah Iphedeiah Iphtah Iphtah-El Ir Ira Irad Iram Ir-Ha-Heres Irha-heres Iri Irijah Irnahash Ir-Nahash Iron Irpeel Irpe-el Irreverence Irrigation Irshemesh Ir-shemesh Ir-Shemesh Iru Isaac Isaac, Testament Of Isaiah Isaiah, 1-7 Isaiah, 8-9 Isaiah, Ascension Of Isaiah, Book of Isaiah, The Book of Isaiah, Theology of Iscah Iscariot Isdael Ish Ishbaal Ishbah Ishbak Ishbi-benob Ishbi-Benob Ishbosheth Ish-bosheth Ish-Bosheth Ishhod Ishi Ishiah Ishijah Ishma Ishmachiah Ishmael Ishmaelite Ishmaelites Ishmaiah Ishme-elite Ishmeelites Ishmerai Ishmera-i Ishod Ishpah Ishpan Ish-pan Ish-Sechel Ishtob Ish-tob Ish-Tob Ishua Ishuah Ishuah; Isuah Ishua-i Ishuai, Ishui Ishui Ishvah Ishvi Island Island; Isle Isle Isles Of The Gentiles Ismachiah Ismael Ismaerus Ismaiah Ispah Israel Israel, History Of, 1 Israel, History Of, 2 Israel, History Of, 3 Israelite Israelite; Israelitish Israel, Kingdom of Israel, Kingdom Of Israel, Religion Of, 1 Israel, Religion Of, 2 Issachar Isshiab Isshiah Isshijah Issue Issue (Of Blood) Issue, Running Issues Istalcurus Isuah Isui Isvah Itala, Version Italian band Italian Band Italy Itch Ithai Itha-i Ithamar Ithiel Ithi-el Ithiel And Ucal Ithlah Ithmah Ithnan Ithra Ithran Ithream Ithre-am Ithrite Ittah-kazin Ittah-Kazin Ittai Itta-i Ituraea Iturea Ivah Ivory Ivory, Tower Of Ivvah Ivy I Will Be Iyar Iye-Abarim Iyim Iyyar Izehar Izeharites Izhar Izharites Izliah; Jezliah Izrahiah Izrahite Izri Izziah The Ibex or Wild Goat