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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Naam Naamah Naaman Naamathite Naamite Naamites, The Naarah Naarai Naara-i Naaran Naaran; Narath Naarath Naashon Na-ashon Naashon; Naason; Naasson Na-asson Naathus Nabal Nabarias Nabataeans; Nabathaeans Nabathites Naboth Nabuchodonosor Nachon Nachons Nachor Nacon, The Threshing Floor Of Nadab Nadabath Naggai Nagga-i Nagge Nahalal Nahaliel Nahallal Nahallal; Nahalol Nahalol Naham Nahamaai Nahamani Naharai Nahara-i Naharai; Nahari Nahari Nahash Nahath Nahbi Nahor Nahshon Nahum Nahum, Book of Nahum; The Book Of Nahum, Theology of Naidus Nail Nain Naioth Naked Naked; Nakedness Name Name, New Names Names Of God Names, Proper Nanaea Naomi Naphath-Dor Naphish Naphisi Naphoth-Dor Naphtali Naphtali, Mount Naphtali, Tribe of Naphthar Naphtuhim Napkin Narcissus Nard Nasbas Nasi Nason Nasor Nathan Nathanael Nathanias Nathan-melech Nathan-Melech Nations Nativity of Christ Nativity, Of Mary, Gospel Of The Natural Features Natural History Natural Man, The Natural; Nature Nature Nature, Natural Naught Naught; Naughty; Naughtiness Naughty figs Naum Nave Navel Navy Nay Nazarene Nazareth Nazarite Nazirite Neah Neapolis Ne-apolis Neariah Ne-ariah Near, Nigh Nebai Nebaioth Nebaioth, Nebajoth Neballat Nebat Nebo Nebo, Mount Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar; Nebuchadrezzar Nebuchadrezzar Nebushasban Nebushasi_hahban Nebushazban Nebuzaradan Nebuzar-adan Necho Necho II Necho; Nechoh Neck Necklace Neco Necodan Necromancer Necromancy Nedabiah Needle Needlework Needy Neesing Neesings Negeb Neginah Neginah; Neginoth Neginoth Nehelamite Nehelamite, The Nehemiah Nehemiah, Book of Nehemiah, Book Of Nehemiah, The book of Nehemiah, Theology of Nehemias Nehiloth Nehum Nehushta Nehushtan Neiel Nei-el Neigh Neighbor Nekeb Nekoda Nekodan Nemuel Nemuelites Nephea Nepheg Nephew Nephi Nephilim Nephis Nephish Nephishesim Nephish; Nephisim; Nephishesim; Nephusim Nephthai Nephthalim Nephthar; Nephthai Nephthoah Nephtoah Nephushesim; Nephishesim Nephusim Ner Nereus Nergal Nergal-sharezer Nergal-Sharezer Neri Neriah Nerias Nero Nest Net Netaim Nethaneel Nethane-el Nethanel Nethaniah Nether Nethinim Nethinims Netophah Netophas Netophathi; Netophathites Netophathite Nettle Nettles Network New New Birth New Command New Commandment New Covenant New Creation New Earth New Heavens New Heavens and a New Earth New Jerusalem New Life New Man New Moon New Moon, Feast of New; Newness New Order New Self New Song New Testament New Testament Canon New Testament Language New Testament Text New Year Neziah Nezib Nibhaz Nibshan Nicanor Nicodemus Nicodemus, Gospel Of Nicolaitanes Nicolaitans Nicolas Nicolaus; Nicolas Nicopolis Niger Nigh Night Night-hawk Night Hawk Night-Monster Night-Watch Nile Nimrah Nimrah; Beth-Nimrah Nimrim Nimrim, Waters of Nimrod Nimshi Nineveh Nineveh, Library Of Ninevites Niphis Nisan Nisroch Nitre No Noadiah No-adiah Noah Noah, Book (Apocalypse) Of No-amon No-Amon Nob Nobah Nobai Nobleman Noble; Nobles; Nobleman Nod Nodab Noe Noeba Nogah Noha Nohah Noise Noisome No little kindness Non Nooma Noon; Noonday Noph Nopha Nophah North country Northeast, Southeast North; North Country Northward Nose-jewel Nose-jewels Nose-Jewels Nose; Nostrils Notable Not a whit Note Nothing Nought Nourish Novice Number Number, Golden Numbering Numbering of the people Numbers Numbers, Book of Numbers, Book Of Numbers, Symbolic Meaning of Numbers, Theology of Numenius Nun Nurse Nurse; Nursing Nurture Nuts Nymphas Nym phas Nations, the Needy, the The Night-Hawk