Nebuzaradan [S]

"the captain of the guard," in rank next to the king, who appears prominent in directing affairs at the capture of Jerusalem ( 2 Kings 25:8-20 ; Jeremiah 39:11 ; 40:2-5 ). He showed kindness toward Jeremiah, as commanded by Nebuchadnezzar ( 40:1 ). Five years after this he again came to Jerusalem and carried captive seven hundred and forty-five more Jews.

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neb-u-zar-a'-dan, -zar'-a-dan (nebhuzar'adhan equals Assyrian Nabu-zara-iddina, "Nebo has given seed"; Nebouzardan):

Nebuchadnezzar's general at the siege of Jerusalem (2 Kings 25:8,11,20; Jeremiah 52:12,15,26; 39:9,10,11,13). Under the title of "captain of the guard," he commanded the army, and, after the fall of the city, carried out his master's policy with regard to the safety of Jeremiah, the transport of the exiles, and the government of those who were left in the land.

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