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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Taanach Taanach-shilo Taanath-shiloh Taanath-Shiloh Tabaoth, Tabbaoth Tabbaoth Tabbath Tabeal Tabeel Tabel-el Tabellius Taber Taberah Tabering Tabernacle Tabernacle, A Tabernacle, B Tabernacle Of Testimony (Witness) Tabernacles, Feast of Tabernacles, Feast Of Tabernacles, The Feast of Tabitha Table Table Of Nations Tables Tablet Tabor Tabor, Mount Tabor, Oak Of Tabor, The plain of Tabret Tabret; Timbrel Tabrimmon Tabrimon Tache Taches Tachmonite Tachmonite, The Tackling Tadmor Tahan Tahanites, The Tahan; Tahanites Tahapanes Tahapenes Tahash Tahath Tahchemonite Tahpanhes Tahpanhes, Tehaphnehes, Tahapanes Tahpenes Tahrea Tahtim-hodshi Tahtim-Hodshi Tail Take Tale Talent Talitha cumi Talitha-cumi Talitha Cumi Talmai Talma-i Talmon Talmud Talsas Tamah Tamar Tamarisk Tammuz Tanach Tanhumeth Tanis Tanner Tapestry Taphath Taphon Tappuah Tappush Tarah Taralah Tarea Tares Target Targum Tarpelites Tarpelites, The Tarshish Tarshish, Navy (Ships) Of Tarsus Tartak Tartan Taskmaster Tassel Taste Tatnai Tatna-i Tattenai Tattler Taunt Tav Taverns, The three Taverns, Three Taw Taxes Taxing Tax; Taxing Teaching, Gift of Teach, Teacher Teach; Teacher; Teaching Tear Bottle Tears Teat Teats Tebah Tebaliah Tebeth Tehaphnehes Tehinnah Teil tree Teil; Tree Tekel Tekoa Tekoa, Tekoah Tekoite, The Telabib Tel-abib Tel-Abib Telah Telaim Tela-im Telasear Telassar Telem Tel-haresha Telharsa Tel-harsa Tel-Harsha Tell Tell El-Amarna; Tablets Tel-melah Tel-Melah Tema Temah Teman Temani Temanite Temeni Temper Temperance Temperance; Temperate Temperate Tempest Temple Temple, A1 Temple, A2 Temple, B Temple, Herods Temple, Herod's Temple Keepers (Servants) Temples Temple, Solomons Temples, Robbers Of Temple, the Second Temptation Temptation Of Christ Temptation, Test Tempt; Temptation Ten Ten Commandments Ten Commandments, The Tender Tenon Ten Strings Tent Tenth Tenth deal Tenth Deal Tent-Maker Tephon Terah Teraphim Terebinth Teresh Terrace Terrible, Terror Tertius Tertullus Testament Testament, New Testament, New, Canon Of The Testament, New, Text And Manuscripts Of The Testament Of Isaac Testament, Old Testament, Old, Canon Of The Testament, Old, Text Of The Testaments, Between The Testaments Of The Twelve Patriarchs Testimony Testimony, Ark Of The Testimony, Tabernacle of Teta Teth Tetrarch Tetter Text And Manuscripts Of The New Testament Text Of The Old Testament Thaddaeus Thaddeus Thahash Thamah Thamar Thammuz Thamnatha Thankfulness, Thanksgiving Thank offering Thank Offering Thank; Thanks; Thanksgiving Thara Tharah Tharra Tharshish Thassi That Day Theatre Thebes Thebez Thecoe Thee-Ward Theft Thelasar Thelersas Thence Theocanus Theocracy Theodotion Theodotus Theology Theophany Theophilus Theras Thermeleth Thessalonians, First and Second, Theology of Thessalonians, The First Epistle Of Paul To The Thessalonians, The Second Epistle Of Paul To The Thessalonica The Tabernacle The Temptation Tempter, the Thessalonians, Epistles to the Thessalonians, First Epistle to the Thessalonians, Second Epistle to the Transfiguration, the The Turtle-Dove Twelve, the The Twelve Apostles Theudas Thick clay Thicket Thick Trees Thief Thieves, The two Thigh Thimnathah Think Third Third Day Thirst Thirteen; Thirty Thisbe Thistle Thistles Thitherward Thocanus Thomas Thomas, Gospel Of Thomei Thorn Thorn in the flesh Thorn In The Flesh Thorns Thought Thousand Thousands Thracia; Thracian Thrasaeus Three Three Children, Song Of The Threescore Three Taverns Threshing Threshing-Floor Threshold Thresholds, The Thrice Throne Thrones Thrum Thuhash Thummim Thunder Thyatira Thyine wood Thyine, Wood Tibbath Tiberias Tiberias, Sea of Tiberias, Sea Of Tiberias, The Sea of Tiberius Tiberius Caesar Tibhath Tibni Tidal Tidings, Glad Tiglath-pileser Tiglath-Pileser Tiglath-Pileser I Tiglath-Pileser III Tigris Tikvah Tikvah; Tikvath Tikvath Tile; Tiling Tilgath-pilneser Tilgath-Pilneser Tillage Tilon Timaeus Timbrel Timbrel, tabret Time Time Given to Religion Time, Last Times, Observer Of Time, Times And A Half Timeus Timna Timnah Timnath Timnathah Timnath-heres Timnath-Heres Timnath-serah Timnath-Serah Timnite Timnite, The Timon Timotheus Timothy Timothy, Epistles of Paul to Timothy, Epistles To Timothy, First and Second, Theology of Timothy, First Epistle to Timothy, Second Epistle to Tin Tinkling ornaments Tiphsah Tiras Tirathites Tirathites, The Tire Tire, Headtire Tires Tires, Round Tirhakah Tirhana Tirhanah Tiria Tirras Tirshatha Tirza Tirzah Tishbite Tishbite, The Tishri; Tisri Tisri Titans Tithe Tithe, Tithing Title Tittle Titus Titus, Epistle to Titus, Epistle To Titus Justus Titus Manius Titus, Theology of Tizite Tizite, The Toah Tob-adonijah Tob-Adonijah Tobiah Tobias Tobie Tobiel Tobijah Tobit Tobit, Book of Tobit, Book Of Tob, The land of Tob, The Land Of Tochen Togarmah Tohu Toi Token Tokhath Tola Tolad Tolaites Tolaites, The Tolbanes Told out Toll Tomb Tombs Tomorrow Tongs Tongue Tongues, Confusion of Tongues, Confusion Of Tongues, Gift of Tongues, Gift Of Tongues, Interpretation, Of Tongues Of Fire Tools Tooth Toparchy Topaz Tophel Tophet Topheth Torah Torch Torches Tormah Torment Tormentor Torment, Place Of Tortoise Totemism Tou Touch Tow Tower Tower Of Babel Tower of Bable Tower Of David Tower Of Edar (The Flock) Tower Of Hananeel Tower Of Ivory Tower Of Lebanon Tower Of Meah Tower Of Penuel Tower Of Shechem Tower Of Siloam Tower Of Syene Tower of the furnaces Tower Of The Furnaces Towers Town Town clerk Town Clerk Trachonitis Trade Trades Tradition Traffic, Trafficker Tragacanth Train Train; Trained Trance Transfiguration Transfiguration, Mount Of Transfiguration, The Transform Transgression Translation Trap Travail Traveller Traversing Tread Treason Treasure cities Treasure-cities Treasure houses Treasurer Treasure; Treasurer; Treasury Treasury Treasury, (Of Temple) Treaty Tree Tree of life Tree Of Life Tree of the knowledge of good and evil Trees, Goodly Trees, Shady Trees, Thick Trench Trespass Trespass offering Trespass Offering Trial Trial Of Jesus Tribe Tribulation Tribute Tribute money Tribute Money Triclinium Trim Trine Immersion; Triune Immersion Trinity Trinity, 1 Trinity, 2 Tripolis Triumph Troas Trodden Trode Trogyllium Trogyll-ium Troop Troop, Band Trophimus Trough Trow Trucebkeaker Trump Trumpet Trumpets Trumpets, Feast of Trumpets, Feast Of Trump; Trumpet Trust, Breach Of Truth Tryphaena Tryphena Tryphena and Tryphosa Tryphon Tryphosa Tsadhe Tubal Tubal-cain Tubal-Cain Tubias Tubieni Tumor Turban Turpentine tree Turpentine Tree Turtle Turtle-Dove Turtle, Turtle-dove Tutor Twain Twelve Twelve Apostles, Gospels Of The Twelve Patriarchs; Testaments Of The Twelve Stars Twenty Twilight Twin Brothers Twine Two Tychicus Type Type, Typology Tyrannus Tyre Tyre, Ladder Of Tyropoeon, The Tyropoeon Valley Tyrus Tzaddi