Ezekiel 16:40-50 NIV

40 They will bring a mob against you, who will stone1 you and hack you to pieces with their swords.

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41 They will burn down2 your houses and inflict punishment on you in the sight of many women.3 I will put a stop4 to your prostitution, and you will no longer pay your lovers.

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42 Then my wrath against you will subside and my jealous anger will turn away from you; I will be calm and no longer angry.5

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43 " 'Because you did not remember6 the days of your youth but enraged me with all these things, I will surely bring down7 on your head what you have done, declares the Sovereign LORD. Did you not add lewdness to all your other detestable practices?8

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44 " 'Everyone who quotes proverbs9 will quote this proverb about you: "Like mother, like daughter."

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45 You are a true daughter of your mother, who despised10 her husband11 and her children; and you are a true sister of your sisters, who despised their husbands and their children. Your mother was a Hittite and your father an Amorite.12

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46 Your older sister13 was Samaria, who lived to the north of you with her daughters; and your younger sister, who lived to the south of you with her daughters, was Sodom.14

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47 You not only walked in their ways and copied their detestable practices, but in all your ways you soon became more depraved than they.15

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48 As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign16 LORD, your sister Sodom17 and her daughters never did what you and your daughters have done.18

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49 " 'Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom:19 She and her daughters were arrogant,20 overfed and unconcerned;21 they did not help the poor and needy.22

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50 They were haughty23 and did detestable things before me. Therefore I did away with them as you have seen.24

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