In this chapter the Jewish nation is represented under the simile of a
female infant, whose birth, breeding, marriage, grandeur, and conduct,
are described, in order to show the wickedness and ingratitude of, his
people; who, on account thereof, are threatened with judgments; though
mercy is promised to a remnant that should repent. The prophet is
directed to make known to Jerusalem her abominable sins, \\#Eze 16:1,2\\;
and, in order to this, is bid to take up the following parable of a
female infant; whose descent, birth, and wretched condition, at the
time of it, are pointed at, \\#Eze 16:3-5\\; which are expressive of the
low and forlorn estate of the Jews originally; and then follow the
benefits and blessings of God bestowed upon them, both in their infant
and adult state; the preserving them alive in Egypt, and their
multiplication there; and afterwards the covenant made with them, when
brought out from thence; and the Lord's espousal of them to himself, as
his own people, having a strong affection for them, \\#Eze 16:6-8\\; the
large provision of good things he made for them, both in the
wilderness, and especially in the land of Canaan; the riches he
bestowed upon them, and the flourishing and prosperous kingdom he
raised them to, which made them famous among all the nations round
about them, \\#Eze 16:9-14\\; and yet, after all this, such was the
ingratitude of this people, as to commit spiritual whoredom, that is,
idolatry, to a very great degree, \\#Eze 16:15\\; which is aggravated by
their converting and applying the good things which the Lord gave them
to idolatrous uses, \\#Eze 16:16-19\\; by sacrificing their sons and
daughters to idols, which were the Lord's, \\#Eze 16:20,21\\; by not
calling to mind the former wretched estate out of which they were
brought, \\#Eze 16:22\\; by building high places in every street and way,
and there committing idolatries, \\#Eze 16:23-25\\; by the various nations,
whose examples they followed, and with whom they joined, as the
Egyptians, Assyrians, and Chaldeans, \\#Eze 16:26-29\\; and by the great
difference between them and all other harlots, whom they exceeded,
\\#Eze 16:30-34\\; wherefore, on account of all this, they are threatened
to be dealt with as an adulterous woman; made a spectacle of; condemned
to die, to be stripped, stoned, and burned, \\#Eze 16:35-43\\; and, that
the Lord might appear to be just in executing such judgments on them,
they are declared to be as bad as the Hittites and Amorites their
parents; and worse than their sisters Samaria and Sodom; and therefore
could expect to fare no better than they; and should become proverb and
a byword, and bear their sins, shame, and punishment, in the sight of
their neighbours, and be despised by them, \\#Eze 16:44-59\\; nevertheless,
the covenant of grace made with his chosen people among them should
stand firm; which being manifested to them, would be a means of
bringing them to a sense of sin, shame for it, and an acknowledgment of
the Lord's grace and goodness to them \\#Eze 16:60-63\\.