Acts 4:1-6 GNT

1 Peter and John were still speaking to the people when some priests, a the officer in charge of the Temple guards, and some Sadducees arrived.

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    • d 4:1 - priests; [some manuscripts have] chief priests.
      2 They were annoyed because the two apostles were teaching the people that Jesus had risen from death, which proved that the dead will rise to life.
      3 So they arrested them and put them in jail until the next day, since it was already late.
      4 But many who heard the message believed; and the number grew to about five thousand.
      5 The next day the Jewish leaders, the elders, and the teachers of the Law gathered in Jerusalem.
      6 They met with the High Priest Annas and with Caiaphas, John, Alexander, and the others who belonged to the High Priest's family.