Ezekiel 32:27-32 GNT

27 They were not given honorable burial like the heroes of ancient times, a who went fully armed to the world of the dead, their swords placed under their heads and their shields b over their bodies. These heroes were once powerful enough to terrify the living.

References for Ezekiel 32:27

    • ² 32:27 - [Some ancient translations] of ancient times; [Hebrew] of the uncircumcised.
    • ³ 32:27 - [Probable text] shields; [Hebrew] iniquities.
      28 "That is how the Egyptians will lie crushed among the uncircumcised who were killed in battle.
      29 "Edom is there with her kings and rulers. They were powerful soldiers, but now they lie in the world of the dead with the uncircumcised who were killed in battle.
      30 "All the princes of the north are there, and so are the Sidonians. Their power once spread terror, but now they go down in disgrace with those killed in battle and are laid to rest, uncircumcised. They share the disgrace of those who go down to the world of the dead.
      31 "The sight of all these who were killed in battle will be a comfort to the king of Egypt and his army," says the Sovereign Lord.
      32 "I caused the king of Egypt to terrorize the living, but he and all his army will be killed and laid to rest with all the uncircumcised who die in battle." The Sovereign Lord has spoken.