Isaiah 47:1-6 GNT

1 The Lord says, 1 "Babylon, come down from your throne, and sit in the dust on the ground. You were once like a virgin, a city unconquered, but you are soft and delicate no longer! You are now a slave!

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    • 90 47:1 - 47.1-15 Is 13.1--14.23; Jr 50.1--51.64.
      2 Turn the millstone! Grind the flour! Off with your veil! Strip off your fine clothes! Lift up your skirts to cross the streams! a

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        • ¬ 47:2 - cross the streams: [This probably refers to going into exile.]
          3 People will see you naked; they will see you humbled and shamed. I will take vengeance, and no one will stop me."
          4 The holy God of Israel sets us free - his name is the Lord Almighty.
          5 The Lord says to Babylon, "Sit in silence and darkness; no more will they call you the queen of nations!
          6 I was angry with my people; I treated them as no longer mine: I put them in your power, and you showed them no mercy; even the aged you treated harshly.