Jeremiah 21:1-6 GNT

1 King Zedekiah of Judah sent to me Pashhur son of Malchiah and the priest Zephaniah son of Maaseiah with this request:
2 "Please speak to the Lord for us, because King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia and his army are besieging the city. Maybe the Lord will perform one of his miracles for us and force Nebuchadnezzar to retreat." 1

References for Jeremiah 21:2

    • 30 21:2 - 21.2 2 K 25.1-11; 2 Ch 36.17-21.
      3 Then the Lord spoke to me, and I told those who had been sent to me
      4 to tell Zedekiah that the Lord, the God of Israel, had said, "Zedekiah, I am going to defeat your army that is fighting against the king of Babylonia and his army. I will pile up your soldiers' weapons in the center of the city.
      5 I will fight against you with all my might, my anger, my wrath, and my fury.
      6 I will kill everyone living in this city; people and animals alike will die of a terrible disease.