Jeremiah 51:1-6 GNT

1 The Lord says, "I am bringing a destructive wind a against Babylonia and its people.

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    • ¢ 51:1 - destructive wind; [or] destroying spirit.
      2 I will send foreigners to destroy Babylonia like a wind that blows straw away. When that day of destruction comes, they will attack from every side and leave the land bare.
      3 Don't give its soldiers time to shoot their arrows or to put on their armor. Do not spare the young men! Destroy the whole army!
      4 They will be wounded and die in the streets of their cities.
      5 I, the Lord God Almighty, have not abandoned Israel and Judah, even though they have sinned against me, the Holy One of Israel.
      6 Run away from Babylonia! Run for your lives! Do not be killed because of Babylonia's sin. I am now taking my revenge and punishing it as it deserves.