Romans 6:2-12 GNT

2 Certainly not! We have died to sin - how then can we go on living in it?
3 For surely you know that when we were baptized into union with Christ Jesus, we were baptized into union with his death.
4 By our baptism, then, we were buried with him and shared his death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from death by the glorious power of the Father, so also we might live a new life. 1

References for Romans 6:4

    • 34 6:4 - 6.4 Col 2.12.
      5 For since we have become one with him in dying as he did, in the same way we shall be one with him by being raised to life as he was.
      6 And we know that our old being has been put to death with Christ on his cross, in order that the power of the sinful self might be destroyed, so that we should no longer be the slaves of sin.
      7 For when we die, we are set free from the power of sin.
      8 Since we have died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with him.
      9 For we know that Christ has been raised from death and will never die again - death will no longer rule over him.
      10 And so, because he died, sin has no power over him; and now he lives his life in fellowship with God.
      11 In the same way you are to think of yourselves as dead, so far as sin is concerned, but living in fellowship with God through Christ Jesus.
      12 Sin must no longer rule in your mortal bodies, so that you obey the desires of your natural self.