2 Kings 15:13-16 GNTA

13 In the thirty-ninth year of the reign of King Uzziah of Judah, Shallum son of Jabesh became king of Israel, and he ruled in Samaria for one month.
14 Menahem son of Gadi went from Tirzah to Samaria, assassinated Shallum, and succeeded him as king.
15 Everything else that Shallum did, including an account of his conspiracy, is recorded in [The History of the Kings of Israel.]
16 As Menahem was on his way from Tirzah, he completely destroyed the city of Tappuah, a its inhabitants, and the surrounding territory, because the city did not surrender to him. He even ripped open the bellies of all the pregnant women.

References for 2 Kings 15:16

    •  15:16 - [One ancient translation] Tappuah; [Hebrew] Tiphsah.