Ezra 4:17-22 GNTA

17 The emperor sent this answer: "To Rehum, the governor, to Shimshai, secretary of the province, and to their associates who live in Samaria and in the rest of West-of-Euphrates, greetings.
18 "The letter which you sent has been translated and read to me.
19 I gave orders for an investigation to be made, and it has indeed been found that from ancient times Jerusalem has revolted against royal authority and that it has been full of rebels and troublemakers.
20 Powerful kings have reigned there and have ruled over the entire province of West-of-Euphrates, collecting taxes and revenue.
21 Therefore you are to issue orders that those men are to stop rebuilding the city until I give further commands.
22 Do this at once, so that no more harm may be done to my interests."