Numbers 30:10-16 GW

10 "A married woman might make a vow that she will do something or swear an oath that she won't do something.
11 Her husband may hear about it but may say nothing and not object. Then her vow or oath must be kept.
12 But if her husband cancels it when he hears about it, nothing she said in her vow or oath has to be kept. Her husband has canceled it, and the LORD will free her [from this vow or oath].
13 "A husband decides whether or not his wife has to keep any vow to do something or any oath to do without something.
14 If he says nothing to her about it day after day, this means he's decided that she must keep her vow or oath. She must keep it because he said nothing to her when he heard about it.
15 But if he cancels it later, he will suffer the consequences."
16 These are the laws the LORD gave Moses for husbands and wives, and for fathers with young daughters still living at home.