Ezekiel 11:20-25 HNV

20 that they may walk in my statutes, and keep my ordinances, and do them: and they shall be my people, and I will be their God.
21 But as for them whose heart walks after the heart of their detestable things and their abominations, I will bring their way on their own heads, says the Lord GOD.
22 Then did the Keruvim lift up their wings, and the wheels were beside them; and the glory of the God of Yisra'el was over them above.
23 The glory of the LORD went up from the midst of the city, and stood on the mountain which is on the east side of the city.
24 The Spirit lifted me up, and brought me in the vision by the Spirit of God into Kasdim, to them of the captivity. So the vision that I had seen went up from me.
25 Then I spoke to them of the captivity all the things that the LORD had shown me.