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1 Corinthians 7:40 - Interlinear Bible

40 But in my opinion she is happier if she remains as she is; and I think that I also have the Spirit of God.
makariwtevra {A-NSF} dev {CONJ} ejstin {V-PXI-3S} eja;n {COND} ou&tw? {ADV} meivnh/, {V-AAS-3S} kata; {PREP} th;n {T-ASF} ejmh;n {S-1ASF} gnwvmhn, {N-ASF} dokw' {V-PAI-1S} de; {CONJ} kajgw; {P-1NS} pneu'ma {N-ASN} qeou' {N-GSM} e~cein. {V-PAN}