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Jeremiah 21:1 - Interlinear Bible


Jeremiah's Message for Zedekiah

1 The word which came to Jeremiah from the LORD when King Zedekiah sent to him Pashhur the son of Malchijah, and Zephaniah the priest, the son of Maaseiah, saying,
h'wh.y teaem .Wh'y.m.rIy -l,a h'y'h -r,v]a r'b'D;h ? r.Wx.v;P -t,a .Wh'Yiq.dic .$,l,M;h wy'lea ;x{l.viB ? h'yef][;m -n,b h'y.n;p.c -t,a.w h'YiK.l;m -n,B ? r{mael !eh{K;h