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Galatians 6:13 - Interlinear Bible

13 For those who are circumcised do not even keep the Law themselves, but they desire to have you circumcised so that they may boast in your flesh.
oujde; {ADV} ga;r {CONJ} oiJ {T-NPM} peritemnovmenoi {V-PPP-NPM} aujtoi; {P-NPM} novmon {N-ASM} fulavssousin, {V-PAI-3P} ajlla; {CONJ} qevlousin {V-PAI-3P} uJma'? {P-2AP} peritevmnesqai {V-PPN} i&na {CONJ} ejn {PREP} th'/ {T-DSF} uJmetevra/ {S-2DSF} sarki; {N-DSF} kauchvswntai. {V-ADS-3P}