Interlinear Bible 1 Kings 15:25-32

25 And Nadab the son of Jeroboam began to reign over Israel in the second year of Asa king of Judah, and reigned over Israel two years.
t;n.viB lea'r.fIy -l;[ .$;l'm ~'[.b'r'y#st03379 -n,B b'd'n.w#st05070 ? lea'r.fIy -l;[ .${l.miY;w#st04428 h'd.Wh.y .$,l,m a's'a.l ~Iy;T.v ? ~Iy't'n.v
26 And he did evil in the sight of the LORD, and walked in the way of his father, and in his sin wherewith he made Israel to sin .
wyib'a .$,r,d.B .$,leY;w h'wh.y yenye[.B [;r'h#st07451 f;[;Y;w ? lea'r.fIy -t,a ayij/x,h r,v]a w{ta'J;x.b.W
27 And Baasha the son of Ahijah, of the house of Issachar, conspired against him; and Baasha smote him at Gibbethon, which belonged to the Philistines; for Nadab and all Israel laid siege to Gibbethon.
r'kf'FIy#st03485 tyeb.l#st01004 h'Yix]a#st0281 -n,b a'v.[;B wy'l'[ r{v.qiY;w ? b'd'n.w#st05070 ~yiT.vil.P;l r,v]a !w{t.Big.B#st01405 a'v.[;b .WheK;Y;w ? !w{t.BiG#st01405 -l;[ ~yir'c lea'r.fIy -l'k.w
28 Even in the third year of Asa king of Judah did Baasha slay him, and reigned in his stead.
h'd.Wh.y .$,l,m#st04428 a's'a.l v{l'v#st07969 t;n.viB a'v.[;b .Whetim.y;w ? wy'T.x;T .${l.miY;w
29 And it came to pass, when he reigned , that he smote all the house of Jeroboam; he left not to Jeroboam any that breathed, until he had destroyed him, according unto the saying of the LORD, which he spake by his servant Ahijah the Shilonite:
~'[.b'r'y#st03379 tyeB -l'K -t,a h'Kih w{k.l'm.k yih.y;w ? w{dim.vih -d;[ ~'[.b'r'y.l#st03379 h'm'v.n -l'K ryia.vih -a{l ? h'Yix]a w{D.b;[#st05650 -d;y.B#st03027 r,BiD#st01697 r,v]a h'wh.y r;b.diK ? yin{lyiV;h
30 Because of the sins of Jeroboam which he sinned , and which he made Israel sin , by his provocation wherewith he provoked the LORD God of Israel to anger .
ayij/x,h#st02403 r,v]a;w#st03478 a'j'x r,v]a ~'[.b'r'y twa{J;x -l;[ ? h'wh.y -t,a syi[.kih r,v]a w{s.[;k.B#st03708 lea'r.fIy -t,a ? lea'r.fIy yeh{l/a
31 Now the rest of the acts of Nadab, and all that he did , are they not written in the book of the chronicles of the kings of Israel?
~eh -a{l]h h'f'[ r,v]a -l'k.w b'd'n#st05070 yer.biD#st01697 r,t,y.w#st03499 ? yek.l;m.l ~yim'Y;h yer.biD#st01697 r,pes#st05612 -l;[ ~yib.Wt.K ? lea'r.fIy
32 And there was war between Asa and Baasha king of Israel all their days.
lea'r.fIy#st03478 -.k,l,m a'v.[;B#st01201 !yeb.W a's'a#st0609 !yeB h't.y'h h'm'x.lim.W ? ~,hyem.y -l'K