Interlinear Bible 1 Thessalonians 5:23

23 Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Aujto;? P-NSM de; CONJ oJ T-NSM qeo;? N-NSM th'? T-GSF eijrhvnh? N-GSF aJgiavsai V-AAO-3S uJma'? P-2AP oJlotelei'?, A-APM kai; CONJ oJlovklhron A-NSN uJmw'n P-2GP to; T-NSN pneu'ma N-NSN kai; CONJ hJ T-NSF yuch; N-NSF kai; CONJ to; T-NSN sw'ma N-NSN ajmevmptw? ADV ejn PREP th'/ T-DSF parousiva/ N-DSF tou' T-GSM kurivou N-GSM hJmw'n P-1GP #Ihsou' N-GSM Xristou' N-GSM thrhqeivh. V-APO-3S