Interlinear Bible Acts 25:16

16 "I answered them that it is not the custom of the Romans to hand over any man before the accused meets his accusers face to face and has an opportunity to make his defense against the charges.
pro;? PREP ouJ;? R-APM ajpekrivqhn V-ADI-1S o&ti CONJ oujk PRT e~stin V-PXI-3S e~qo? N-NSN JRwmaivoi? A-DPM carivzesqaiv V-PNN tina X-ASM a~nqrwpon N-ASM pri;n ADV h^ PRT oJ T-NSM kathgorouvmeno? V-PPP-NSM kata; PREP provswpon N-ASN e~coi V-PAO-3S tou;? T-APM kathgovrou? N-APM tovpon N-ASM te PRT ajpologiva? N-GSF lavboi V-2AAO-3S peri; PREP tou' T-GSN ejgklhvmato?. N-GSN